Visualizing the number 75 & 37 in different ways

During the second lecture we were asked to think of as many ways as possible to visualize a small dataset consisting out of two numbers, 75 and 37. In this post we will discuss the visualizations we came up with and some key takeaways from the exercice.

visualisation-7537   scannen0002

scannen0003    scannen0001



There are different ways to represent numbers.

  • We can represent them symbolically as numbers, possibly scaled by its size (5).
  • We can represent them as a count. For example by turfing the number (2), or a certain amount of circles – grouped (9) or non-grouped (7) – or a full rectangle representing 10 and a circle representing a 1 (4),…
  • We can represent them in a more analytic way, as a bar chart (1) or a proportion of a circle (11, 14) or bar (3), the size of the circles (12) as a two-dimensional position (8) or on a one-dimensional scale (13).
  • We can also represent them as daily objects, such as a wine bottle representing 75 and a can plus shot glass representing 37 (amount of cl) (16), or with dices (15), as a temperature on a thermometer (6), as an amount of money (10).
  • Lastly, we also represented them as a binary number (17) and a hexadecimal number (18).

Key takeaways

There are a vast amount of ways to represent information. There is not one correct way of representing information. The most suitable way will be determined by the context of the information and the target audience. Different ways of representing will suit different goals.
When choosing a representation it is thus important to always take these 3 key elements into account: what is the data about, who is our target audience and what is our goal?


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