Second presentation – illustrated scenario

This week, we gave the second presentation in class about the plans for our final visualisation.

In this presentation we look at possible ways of visualizing music charts. Our dataset still consists of the Shazam data as described in a previous blog post. During this week we looked into the Spotify API but came to the conclusion there was not more data to be found. We will look into the LastFM API during the upcoming week.

A first visualization is one that visualizes the top 100 of a country. This could then be extended into a second visualization where it is possible to compare the charts of two different countries by selecting them on a map.

Furthermore, a third visualization would allow to select an artist or a certain song and check its popularity over the world. A country where the song/artist ranks higher, would be coloured darker and vice versa.

A possible extension on this visualization would be to include a time aspect, where the popularity over time could be shown.

A few suggestions that were made in class:

  • include a view to see the same song over different countries
  • include an easy manner to listen to the songs being visualized
  • small countries are difficult to spot on a world map, it could be good to scale countries according to popularity
  • it would be interesting to see how a song goes viral over the world
  • it could be a possibility to also analyse the lyrics of the song and their mood
  • perhaps focus on a smaller number of songs and look into more detail for those

These were all very useful suggestions and we are certainly taking them into consideration to improve our work.


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